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As we are a member of the BBB, you can trust in our quality of work in fixing any dishwasher repair problem.


You will have your dishwasher given the proper attention to detail so that the problems are fixed right the first time.

Is your dishwasher resulting in dishes that seem just as dirty as when you put them in the dishwasher?


Our certified technicians are factory trained in over 35 makes of dishwashers and can get your appliance running properly.

Fixing all dishwasher repair problems

Stop washing your dishes by hand. Call for repairs.


Enjoy clean dishes and convenience again

- Broken sprayers

- Clogged strainers and drains

- Damaged valves and gaskets

- Heating elements

- Improper door closing

- Water pumps

Service and repair on dishwashers:

We provide quality service to the Topeka area and will ensure that your dishwasher does the job of cleaning dishes, your clothes get clean in the laundry, your oven cooks food properly, and your garbage disposal grinds up food correctly.

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